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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry

Welcome to the Moving Image Arts Department

A-Level Moving Image Arts

What is Moving Image Arts?

GCE Moving Image Arts is a course designed to help students to learn about the craft of making films (images that move!).


• For young people (aged 16+).
• A motivating qualification with a Northern Ireland dimension.
• Online examination assessment.
• An excellent foundation for studying higher-level qualifications.
• Valuable preparation for careers in media, journalism, film, design, administration, teaching………

What will I do during the course?

You will learn about how films are made. You will study films and learn about the role of Directors, Cinematographers, Animators, Actors, Editors etc.

You will learn how to create a 3 minute film. You will be taught how to turn an idea into a story, how to create a script and storyboards.

You will learn how to use a camera and tripod, and how to light a scene. You will learn how to direct actors.

You will learn how to edit your footage (or action) and create music for your film using an Apple Mac Computer.

Careers - Your future: how will the course help?

If you decide you would like to pursue a career in this area, there are many options at University to follow.  For example:

Film Production                                Video Arts Production                   Film and Video Arts 
Film, Radio and Television Studies     Broadcast Media                          Digital film and Animation

How much coursework will I have?
The course is made up from 70% coursework and 30% online exam.

Content and Assessment

  • Develops creativity and imagination and provides a knowledge and understanding of the varied functions of moving image art.  It allows candidates to reflect on their own personal experiences as consumers of moving image arts and the social and economic contexts in which these have been developed.  It also provides an excellent grounding for the many careers within this industry.
  • Candidates are assessed by means of four assessment units, two for the AS and an additional two A2 units for those taking A2.  The AS can be taken as a stand alone course or as a foundation for A2.  These are:

AS Moving Image Art: Two units studied

 AS Unit 1
  • Creative Production:  Compulsory Coursework, Pre-Production, Production Exercises, Product Evaluation                                                                         
    • Internally marked and externally moderated


AS Unit 2 
  • Compulsory external online examination with unseen moving image clips                                                                                                                     
  • Externally set and externally moderated                                                                                                              

A2 Moving Image Art: Two units studied

A2 Unit 1
  • Creative Production & Research Portfolio:  Compulsory coursework, illustrated Dissertation, Pre-Production, Production Exercises, Product Evaluation        
  • Internally marked and externally moderated


 A2 Unit 2
  • Critical Response & Specialisation:  Compulsory external online examination with unseen moving image clips and optional art form-specialisation with      

          pre-set moving image clips

  • Externally set and externally marked