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Welcome to the Geography Department

GCSE Geography


Geography gives you an understanding of the world and its peoples.

You will enjoy Geography if: you:

  • are curious about earthquakes and volcanoes
  • are curious about why people in the world are dependent on each other
  • are curious about the world and how some people are richer than others
  • are interested in world culture and why people and places are different
  • appreciate the importance of looking after the planet

What will I learn?

In geography you will learn about the world around you. You will study six themes:

  • Earthquakes and Volcanoes
  • Rivers and coasts
  • Weather
  • Development
  • The use of resources
  • Population change and settlement growth

Why choose Geography?

Geography teaches you:

  • problem solving skills through investigation and decision making
  • how to work with data and how to make precise use of language
  • map making and map reading skills that give you a sense of place
  • analytical skills
  • how to be aware of the world around you and how to link ideas together
  • skills that are an asset in any job situation and which are highly sought after by employers
  • team work and leadership skills through fieldwork
  • computer skills that are essential in a business environment

GCSE Geography

Year 11 Coursework 25%
  • Fieldwork Inquiry – How a river changes from Source to Mouth
  • 1500 words


  • Physical Geography written paper.
  • Rivers, Coasts, Weather and climate, and Earthquakes and volcanoes


Year 12 Written Exam 37.5%
  • Human Geography written paper
  • Development, Resources, Population and Settlement

Where might Geography lead?

It could take you places, and in to a great career including: GIS, Cartographer, Town planning, Regional Development, Aid workers, Disaster Manager, Coastal Manager, Hydrologist, Eco-Tourism advisor, Media Researcher, Environmental Consultant, Conservation officer, Social Worker , Teacher.