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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry

An update from our Principal

2nd Sep 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,

All the girls have now taken part in induction procedures for the new school year.  Since 24th August all year groups have had the opportunity to meet with their form teacher and Head of Year and begin lessons.  You will be aware from my communication with parents that the whole school will return on Thursday 3rd September for full class teaching. The school will operate in line with DE guidance on the Revised School Day.  Our aim is to minimise the risk so far as it is reasonably practicable, so it is really important that we all work together to support each other.

Each year group has been taken through the following:

  • Years 8-10 are located at the front of the school building in class bubbles. The girls will remain in the same class, sit at the same table and will not mix with KS4 or KS5 students where possible
  • Years 11-14 are located at the rear of the building in classes, but will move for optional subjects
  • All pupils have been taken through their timetable
  • All pupils must have their own equipment with them as it is not permissible to share with others
  • Full school uniform must be worn each day
  • All pupils have permission to wear their PE uniform on the day they are timetabled for PE (there will be further communication from the Head of PE)
  • All pupils are required to wipe down any area they have used
  • Years 8, 13 & 14 will be dismissed every day at 3.20pm


It is really important that we all work together to maintain the best hygiene possible.  We need everyone to:

  • Practise social distancing
  • Wash their hands thoroughly throughout the day
  • Make regular use of the hand sanitising stations throughout the school
  • Pupils should be encouraged to bring their own sanitiser and tissues to school
  • Pupils are reminded of good hygiene practices of ‘catch it, kill it, bin it’ when they sneeze or cough. If you cannot use a tissue, use the inside of your elbow
  • Use the toilets and hand washing facilities that are provided across the school for each key stage


Face Coverings

The most up-to-date guidance from the Department of Education (25th August) states:

‘It is recommended that pupils and teachers wear a face covering on corridors and other communal areas of post-primary schools.  This will come into effect on 31st August 2020 when schools return on a full-time basis.’


Home to School Transport

It is mandatory for all pupils aged 13 and over to wear a face covering on public transport and it is strongly recommended that all pupils should wear a face covering on any form of home to school transport where it is appropriate for them to do so.

Break and Lunch time

Pupils will be required to bring something into school with them to eat at break time as there are no vending machines and canteen facilities will not be available at present.  However, this will be kept under review. 

A hot meal will be provided at lunch time for those in receipt of free school meals and for those who wish to purchase it.  Pupils will have lunch at the following times:

  •    12.05 pm   Year 8
  •    12.40 pm   Years 9 & 10
  •    1.15 pm     Years 11, 12, 13 & 14

Pupils are encouraged to have their own bottles of water with their name on it.

Please read A Quick Guide to Corona Virus Related Absences that was produced by the EA as I know that parents will find it useful.  Parents are asked to keep their daughter at home if she or any member of your household is exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19.  You need to inform the school and keep us updated as there will be a special code for registering a pupil’s absence.  We would ask that you please check that your contact details are correct and be prepared to collect your daughter if you receive a call stating that she is unwell. We would remind all pupils that other appointments should be made outside of school hours as they need to be present for all lessons.

I know that you will appreciate that school is very busy first thing in the morning and for everyone’s safety, we are requesting parents to drop their daughters off at a safe place outside the school.  We are requesting that parents do not drive into the school grounds to drop their children off.

We will be keeping our procedures under review.  We thank you for your ongoing support as we help the girls to get settled back into school life and working in a ‘new normal’.

Yours faithfully,                                                                           

Ms Mc Laughlin