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BBC New reports mental health of pupils is being threatened by the online world and exams

28th Feb 2020

The BBC recently reported:

"Extreme pressure to achieve at school and be liked online are the biggest threats to schoolchildren's mental health, research has found.

The key findings are from a large-scale study commissioned by two executive departments.

It also found increasing levels of anxiety and self-harm, even among younger children.

One interviewee said they worked with an eight-year-old who was discovered looking at websites about self-harm.

The research also said schools had to fund most of the support for pupils with mental health issues from their own budgets.

Principal of Oakgrove Integrated College in Londonderry, Katrina Crilly said: "Schools are now not becoming centres of academia and academic performance; we are a one-stop shop for mental health, social anxiety and it is actually putting a huge stress on our already limited resources".

Read the full BBC news report here