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Children of Crossfire Maths Challenge

22nd Feb 2016
Children of Crossfire Maths Challenge

Between Monday 8th February and Monday 15th February Key Stage 3 students took part in the Children of Crossfire Maths Challenge.

Participating in the challenge meant that in St. Mary's;

  • we were promoting a positive ethos of using mathematics
  • we were collaborating and competing with other schools at home and abroad
  • we are providing active shared learning opportunities for pupils
  • we are raising attitudes and dispositions to mathematics
  • we are supporting less fortunate children in other parts of the world

Background to the Children of Crossfire Charity

In 1972, aged 10, Richard Moore, the founder of Children in Crossfire, was blinded by a rubber bullet fired at point blank range into his face. Amazingly, from childhood to the present day, he has never allowed bitterness to stunt his development. “I have learned to see life in a different way”, is how he describes his remarkable acceptance of what, for most, would be a debilitating trauma.

A decade ago he felt the need to harness all that he had learned and put it at the service of humanity, particularly children around the world who have been caught in the crossfire of poverty.

The story of Children in Crossfire has its roots in what began as a tragedy and ended as a triumph of the human spirit to overcome adversity.

Children in Crossfire is an international organisation working to protect and promote the rights of some the world’s most vulnerable children.


  • £8 will pay for a months supply of  high protein nutritional supplements for a child suffering from serious acute malnutrition in Ethiopia
  • £19 will provide a child with a school readiness kit in Tanzania
  • £25 will provide a clean safe water supply for a family in Ethiopia
  • £142 will provide seeds and tools for a family in Tanzania to begin a Homestead Garden


Money raised so far :

We have raised £150 so far and still counting! Well done to all involved.