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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry

Firework Safety Talk

26th Oct 2018

Representatives from the Council, Fire Department and the PSNI came to speak to our students about fire safety. This is particularly important in the run up to Halloween. This can be a great holiday for our students and community if everyone respects each other. However it can also be a dangerous time when children play with fireworks without a care for themselves or those around them.

The Northern Ireland Fire Rescue Service have visited many schools with the campaign

"Use your Head or lose your hand"

Their advice is as follows;

  • Never go near a lit firework, even if it hasn't gone off, as it could still explode and always let fireworks cool and dispose of them carefully. 
  • Never allow small children or pets to go near fireworks. 
  • Fireworks are a great Halloween tradition and can be enjoyed safely if people act responsibly and follow the Fireworks Code when lighting and handling fireworks and sparklers?  

On their website Chief Superintendant Peter Farrar, PSNI said:

"We want Halloween to be a safe and enjoyable time for everyone. Most people enjoy the festivities at Halloween, however, there are serious consequences associated with the misuse of fireworks. They should always be used in a safe and responsible manner. Anti-social behaviour can cause fear and distress, especially amongst our older people and more vulnerable members of the community?"

To read the advice given above in full and for more information please go to the Northern Ireland Fire Safety Service website