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Playing our part to make the internet a safer place

22nd Feb 2016
Playing our part to make the internet a safer place

Various activities have taken place across the curriculum for Safer Internet Week 2016. The theme, this year, highlights the issues and concerns that students have when they’re online, but the theme primarily focuses on practical solutions and responding appropriately to negative content so that we can all ‘play our part for a better internet’

  • In Art pupils were asked to write and design their own online pledge to ' help create a better internet'
  • In English and Drama explored the fact that the internet is a fantastic tool to allow young people to connect with others, to learn about the world and to share ideas and experiences. In democratic societies, we have the right to freedom of expression which allows us to share our opinions with the world, within limits. In groups the student explored the balance between freedom of expression and online hate.
  • In Learning for Life and Work students explored 'The web we want'. They discussed if they believed that people write/say more negative things online than they would say to someone face to face and whether clear rules and expectations about how we use the internet help people to behave more positively. They thought about their ideal internet community and were challenged to devise 3 terms and conditions that everyone should sign before accessing the internet that would make online communities better places.
  • In Religion students discussed Good Digital Deeds. The objective of this exercise was for students to think of three positive digital deeds they would like to carry out for three people they know, carry the good deed out, and then discuss how they felt afterwards.
  • Throughout the Pastoral Care Programme the Safer Internet theme encouraged our students to think about how they play a part in making the internet a positive place, and consider what to do if they experience anything negative online.

We encourage all our parents and guardians to get involved in our student's online life. If we do not ask the questions they will not tell us.

For further help and advice on any online issues please:

  • visit our E- safety page here
  • contact CEOP by reporting abuse online here
  • Visit the Think u know website for useful hints and tips here
  • contact the relevant Head of Year or Form Tutor
  • email our E-Safety Co-ordinator a or telephone 02844612515
  • contact the PSNI/visit the PSNI Down Facebook page