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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry

Year 9 Learn about Judaism

4th May 2022

Our Year 9 students have been learning about Judaism during their RE class with Mrs Curran.  This involved looking at some of the key symbols associated with Judaism and also finding out what the Torah is. 

Before any of the Torah is read from a scroll, the scroll is taken in a procession around a synagogue so that every one can see it. After its covers have been taken off and it has been unrolled to the right place, it is held up high so that people can see the writing in it.

Our Year 9 students were given a task which involved creating a section of the Torah and also covers that could be used for their scroll creation.  This gave them an opportunity to use their creative skills along with their imagination.  Well done girls, keep up the effort and great work.