Access Keys:

Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry


Senior Management Team
Principal Ms R. Mc Laughlin
Vice Principal Mrs M. Arkins
Senior Leader/SENCO Mr  D. Wylie
Teaching Staff
Head of Art & Design  Mrs U. Watters
Art & LLW Teacher Mr M. Williamson
Head of Business Studies Miss C. Murray
Head of Travel and Tourism  Mr R McCullough
Head of English Mrs D. Dornan
English and LLW Teacher Ms M. Mc Keever
English and Sociology Ms L. Campbell
English/History Mrs E. Smyth
Head of Geography Mrs C Brown
Head of Home Economics and Child Development Miss L. McAleenan
Head of History and RE Teacher Mrs R. Flynn
Head of ICT Mrs P. Keane
ICT/LLW Teacher Mrs L. Curran- Malone
Head of Mathematics Mrs L. Dolan
Mathematics Teacher Mrs M. Keeling
Mathematics/ICT Teacher Mrs L. Kearney
Mathematics/Geography Teacher Ms E. Owens
Head of Media Studies and English Teacher Ms E. Hall
Head of Modern Languages Mrs J. Aires
Head of Music Mr C. Murphy
Head of Physical Education Mrs R. Montgomery
Head of Religion Mrs D. Wylie
Religion/LLW Teacher Miss K. Morgan
Head of Science Mr N. Quinn
Science Teacher Mrs E. McGonnell
Head of Health and Social Care  and Science Teacher Miss J. Beedim


Pastoral Team
Head of Pastoral                                                        Mrs M. Arkins         
Head of Year 8  Mrs D. Wylie
Head of Year 9  Mrs D Dornan
Head of Year 10  Mrs L. Dolan
Head of Year 11 and 12 Mrs R. Flynn
Head of Year 13 and 14 Miss J. Beedim


Shared Education

Mrs R Montgomery

Mrs L Dolan       

E-Safety/Website Co-ordinator                                    Mrs L. Kearney
Facebook administrator/ Public Relations Officer Mr M. Williamson 


Administrative and Non -Teaching Staff
Bursar & Operations Manager                                                   Mrs A Doran        
Principal's P.A. Mrs C Caldwell
Executive officer Mrs K McGrath
Clerical Officer Miss E Carson
Building Supervisor Mr M. Sharvin
ICT Technician Mr G Copeland
Art Technician Miss C Mc Cullough
Science Technician Mr S Fitzsimons
Sixth Form Supervisor Mr P Kelly


Classroom Assistants                                                                               
 Mrs R. Kearney
 Mrs I. Gill
 Mrs S. Elliott
 Mrs E. Palin
Ms M Mackenzie


Board Of Governors
Chairperson                                                                     Mr E. Mc Grady
Vice Chairperson Mrs S. Milligan
Secretary Ms R. Mc Laughlin
Parent Representative Mrs K. Mc Ilmail
Teacher Representative Mrs M. Arkins
EA South Eastern Region Cllr C. McGrath
Trustee Canon Conway
Trustee Fr. J.  Murray
Trustee Mrs M. Mc Nabb
Trustee Mrs A. Galloway