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Eco schools News

17th Oct 2019
In St Mary's we are worried about single use plastic and the amount of waste we produce. ...
3rd Oct 2019
Here in St Mary's High School we to do as much as we can to protect our natural environment. ...
20th Sep 2019
Vast areas of the Amazon rainforest are on fire.  This will destroy huge areas...
29th Jun 2017
St Mary's in bloom competition has taken place this term. The Eco schools committee...
21st Jun 2016
St Mary's in Bloom competition has taken place this term. The Eco schools committee...
17th May 2016
The Key Stage 3 examinations are scheduled between 1-6th June. With this in mind,...

Eco Schools

The staff and pupils of St. Mary's High school are deeply concerned about environmental issues and want to make a positive change to our school environment. We are now one of 42,000 schools worldwide taking part in the Eco school project.

We have successfully gained the Bronze and Silver award and this year aim to gain our Green Flag.

Through Eco schools our pupils are able to develop responsible attitudes towards our school local and global environments.

In the Eco schools programme there are ten topics for the staff and pupils to focus on. Pupils can choose one topic as a major focus and two minor topics to look at.

The topics are

  1. Litter
  2. Waste
  3. Energy
  4. Water
  5. Transport
  6. Healthy living
  7. Biodiversity
  8. School grounds
  9. Global perspectives
  10. Climate change

Here in St. Mary's our main focus is biodiversity. We have produced a bug hotel and log piles for insects and created a wild area to allow a wild meadow to grow.

One of our minor topics, focuses on our school grounds. We aim to make our school environment a more stimulating place for pupils, staff and visitors.

Another minor focus we have is on energy. We aim to raise energy awareness in our school and make our school more energy efficient.

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