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Welcome to the Geography Department


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Mrs C Brown (Head of Department)

Mr R Mc Cullough



In Geography, pupils have opportunities to develop their geographical skills through local, national and global contexts and develop Whole Curriculum Skills and Capabilities. Pupils study the natural and built environment and the human aspect of Geography.


Pupils explore the part they can play in shaping and protecting the environment around them. They develop a sense of place by studying relevant issues and they investigate how societies differ.

Pupils will develop a range of geographical skills, such as map work, enquiry and fieldwork skills.


GCSE Geography


Geography gives you an understanding of the world and its peoples.

You will enjoy Geography if you:

  • are curious about earthquakes and volcanoes
  • are curious about why people in the world are dependent on each other
  • are curious about the world and how some people are richer than others
  • are interested in world culture and why people and places are different
  • appreciate the importance of looking after the planet

What will I learn?

In Geography you will learn about the world around you.

You will study six themes:

  • Earthquakes and Volcanoes
  • Rivers and coasts
  • Weather
  • Development
  • The use of resources
  • Population change and settlement growth

Why choose Geography?

Geography teaches you:

  • problem solving skills through investigation and decision making
  • how to work with data and how to make precise use of language
  • map making and map reading skills that give you a sense of place
  • analytical skills
  • how to be aware of the world around you and how to link ideas together
  • skills that are an asset in any job situation and which are highly sought after by employers
  • team work and leadership skills through fieldwork
  • computer skills that are essential in a business environment


GCSE Geography
Year 11 Coursework 40%

Unit 1: Understanding our natural world.      

This is examined through a written examination worth 40% of your total grade. 

In this unit we study:  

  • River environments
  • Coastal environments
  • Our changing weather and climate and
  • Earthquakes and volcanoes


Year 12 Written Exam 40% 

Unit 2: Living in our world.    

This is examined through a written examination worth 40% of your total grade. 

In this unit we study: Population and migration.  

  • Changing urban areas
  • Contrasts in world development
  • Managing our environment

Unit 3: Fieldwork  20%

This is examined through a written examination worth 20% of your total grade. 

In this unit we study: the changes to the River Shimna as it moves downstream.    


Career Opportunities

A qualification in Geography could provide the following career opportunities:

GIS, Cartographer, Town planning, Regional Development, Aid workers, Disaster Manager, Coastal Manager, Hydrologist, Eco-Tourism advisor, Media Researcher, Environmental Consultant, Conservation officer, Social Worker , Teacher.