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GCSE Health And Social Care


Health and Social Care encourages students to:

  • Develop their interest in health, social care and early years;
  • Draw together areas of knowledge, skills and understanding related to the health, social care and early year sectors;
  • Develop higher order thinking skills;
  • Increase their understanding of the health, social care and early years’ sectors by investigating and evaluating a range of services and organisations;
Unit 1 Personal Development, Health and Well-Being 50%

Written paper 1 hour 30 minutes. Completed in Summer of Year 11.

Topics include:

  • Human development
  • Factors affecting health and well-being
  • Relationships
  • Self-concept
  • Major life changes and sources of support
Unit 2 Working in the Health, Social Care and Early Years Sectors 50%

Controlled Assessment. Completed in Year 12.

Topics include:

  • Identifying and meeting the needs of service users
  • Provision of integrated health and social care and early years services
  • Accessing health, social care and early years services and barriers to access
  • Job roles of practitioners
  • Values of care
  • Safeguarding

Welcome to the Health and Social Care Department

Deapartment Staff

Ms J. Beedim (Head of Department Post 16)

Mrs E. Mc Gonnell

Mrs R Montgomery

Ms M Edgar

Ms M Leonard


Applied Health and Social Care


  • To develop an interest in health, early years care.
  • To participate in work experience which allows the learner to apply their knowledge when exploring issues associated with the subject.
  • Develop advanced study skills that will help them prepare for third level education.
  • To develop skills, aptitudes, and values for employment in the health, social care, and early years sectors.
  • Develop knowledge and understanding relevant to degrees in nursing, allied health professions, social science, social policy social work and early years.

What do I need to follow this course?


It is important to have a good GCSE profile (5 GCSE grades C or above) the specification builds on some of the knowledge, understanding and skills developed in GCSE Health and social care so a grade C or above in GCSE Health and social care is an advantage but not a requirement.


Outline of course

There are 6 units, studied over 2 years. 

AS Unit 1 Promoting Positive Care   25% of As qualification

 This unit is Portfolio based and internally assessed

  • Care value base and the related legislation 
  • Policies and the impact of poor practice
  • Health & Safety
AS Unit 2 Communication in Care Settings 25 % of AS qualification

 This unit is Portfolio based and internally assessed

  • Communication in a care setting. It looks at the types of communication, team work  as well as factors affecting communication and the barriers to communication
  • Team work in a care setting
  • Evaluating communication skills t
AS Unit 3 Health and Well Being   50% As  of Qualification

 This unit is a 2 hour Written Paper

  • Factors affecting health and well being
  • Health promotion & government policy
  • Approaches to health
  • Concepts of health & well being
  • Organisation concerned with health & well being
  • Anti discriminatory practices 
 A2 Applied Health & Social Care: Three units studied
 A2 Unit 9 Providing Services

 This unit is a 2 hour Written Paper

  • The effects of registration and policy on services
  • The ways which needs are identified and met
  • The role of practitioners
  • Team work
  • Quality assurance
 A2 Unit 8 Monitoring Body Systems (25%)

This unit is portfolio based and internally assessed

  • Structure and function of body systems
  • Monitoring psychological status
  • Investigations and treatments
  • Effect of illness on lifestyle
A2 Unit 11 Supporting the Family (25%)

This unit is portfolio based and internally assessed

  • Family functions
  • Changing family structure
  • Support available to families
  • Evaluation of support
  • Government initiative on family issues