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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry

A message from our Principal Ms Mc Laughlin


A message from Year 8 Head of Year

Each of you will be assigned a Form Teacher who will look after you in your Form Class. This will be your 'go to' person for both you and your parents/guardians. Your Form Teacher will be the welcoming face you will see at 9am every morning in your Form classroom, before you start your day. Not only will you have a Form Teacher to look after you, but also a Head of Year. Mrs Wylie will be the Head of Year 8 in 2021-22. 



A message from our Head Girls

In St. Mary's we have a Head Girl team. This team is made up of students in Yr 14. The Head Girl Team look after the students interests and are actively involved in the Student Council. They also represent the student body at different events throughout the year.


Molly O Neill Head Girl
Emma McCabe Head Girl

What is it like to be a Year 8 in St. Mary's?

We are sure you are wondering what life will be like as a Year 8 in St. Mary's High School. It will be different from primary school but after a few weeks we know you will become very familiar with it all. Grace is now a Year 9 pupil, but her experiences last year will help you to see the big step ahead of you may not be quite so daunting.