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Mrs McCann's Yr14 Sociology class, accompanied by Mr Kelly, attended Downpatrick...
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On Tuesday 7th November, AS & A2 Level Sociology students, accompanied by...
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Congratulations to Beth Mulholland (left) and Neva Loudon (right), pictured here...

Welcome to the Sociology Department


Department Staff: Ms. L. Campbell


Sociology is a vibrant and enjoyable subject that is offered to learners at Key Stage Five in St. Mary’s High School. We currently follow the WJEC specification.

What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of human behaviour and society.  It is concerned with how society is developing and how changes in society affects us as humans. Sociology challenges our assumptions and encourages us to think a little deeper about what we see in front of us. It investigates social areas such as Education, The Family, Power and Politics, Crime and Deviance, Beliefs in Society, The Media and Research Methodology. Because it is relevant to our everyday lives, we can identify already with some of the areas under investigation. Students will be given opportunities to draw on their own experiences of life and engage in discussion and debate. There is, therefore, an emphasis on being discursive.


A Level Sociology

AS Sociology

In Year 13, students will study AS Unit 1: Acquiring Culture which is assessed with a 1 hour 15-minute examination in May comprising 15% of the overall qualification. They will also study AS Unit 2: Understanding Society and Methods of Sociological Enquiry. This ends with a 2 hour written examination which is worth 25% of the overall qualification.

A2 Sociology

In Year 14, all students will complete A2 Unit 3: Power and Control, this ends with a 2 hour written examination in the summer of their A2 year and is worth 25% of the overall qualification. They will also study A2 Unit 4: Social inequality and Applied Methods of Sociological Enquiry. This ends with a 2 hour 15-minute paper and is worth 35% of the overall qualification.

This is a modular course; there is no coursework. In total, students will sit four external examinations: two in Year 13 (AS) and two in Year 14 (A2). All exams are in May/June.

Further information is available from the WJEC website: AS/A Level Sociology (

Careers in Sociology

As Sociology is an academic discipline, an A Level in Sociology can lead to university studies and a career in many professions including:

  • Social Work
  • Criminology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Law
  • Teaching
  • Journalism and media
  • Health and Social Care Services, i.e. speech therapy, nursing etc.
  • Human Resources and other forms of management
  • Marketing
  • Child care
  • Youth and community work