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Protecting our natural environment with the help of NI Water

3rd Oct 2019

Here in St Mary's High School we to do as much as we can to protect our natural environment.  We have decided to collect rainwater for the plants in our green house to thrive.  To do this we asked Northern Ireland Water for help and they donated a water butt.

Collecting rainwater will bring many benefits.

  • It reduces the demand on our water supply.
  • Reusing water also saves huge amounts of energy. Around 45% of all energy used in towns is from water pumping and treatment.
  • It reduces the amount of water going down the gutters and into drains which helps prevent flooding. 
  • It allows for storage of water during dry periods. 

However, the greatest benefit is to the plants.  Rainwater is much better for plants than tap water.  Rainwater is packed full of nutrients for plants and is free from chemicals which are used to treat water.

Many thanks to NI water for their donation. We will put it to good use.