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Welcome to the P.E. Department



Students will be given the opportunity to:

  • Develop and apply their knowledge, skills and understanding of PE through selected activities
  • Develop an understanding of the factors affecting participation and performance
  • To promote the understanding of health benefits and risks associated with physical activity
  • To develop skills necessary to analyse and improve performance

The course provides a sound basis of knowledge and skills for further study at a more advanced level.  Employment opportunities include the sport and leisure industry, travel and tourism, physiotherapy, sports psychology and teaching.  NB:  Each student hoping to take part in GCSE PE must be water confident and be able to swim at least 2 lengths Front crawl.


Individual Performance 40%

Individual performance in chosen physical activities.  All candidates will be assessed in 3 sports from at least 2 of the area below:

  • Games
  • Dance Activities
  • Athletic Activities
  • Outdoor Adventure Activities
  • Gymnastic Activities
  • Water Activities


It will be of greater benefit if students play at least one of their chosen sports outside of school time, either with another team or club.


Written Examination 40%

This will be a 1hour 30 minute paper covering the areas of:

  • Concepts of health and exercise
  • Key influences that affect participation
  • The impact of exercise and training
  • Methods of training
  • Principles of training
  • Monitoring and assessment of fitness
  • Effects of exercise on the body systems
  • Health and safety issues
  • Exercise and training sessions
  • Exercise and training programmes
  • Skill in sport




Assessment of the Activity/Exercise profile (10%)

Students will complete a controlled assessment on their lifestyle to include exercise, diet, study/work and rest/sleep.  Students will then carry out a fitness test and complete their own planned 12 week exercise program.



Coach a skill from their preferred sport/activity (10%)

Students will take a skill from their preferred sport/activity and coach this skill to other students.  They must show the correct technique, give feedback on strengths and areas for improvement, provide drills for practice and summarise at the end of the session.